Construction Partner
Fluid Construction



A strong collective commitment to our client ensuring honesty, integrity and quality.


At Fluid Construction we pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company that listens closely to client needs and anticipates client requirements. We bring together the stakeholders in a strategic framework that ensures succesful completion of the project in an open and collaborative manner. Our integrity, knowledge and diligence makes us team choice.


It is with a love for design and a joy of building that we approach our projects. Delivering the combined services of Architecture and Construction has the advantage of providing you with one professional team for your project from conception to completion.


Our goal is to work together with the Construction Team from Pre-Construction to Post Construction to ensure a successful project and a good standing working relationship with all parties involved. We are committed to excellence in a safe working environment with well experienced staff to make for an enjoyable construction endeavour.

What we have to offer:

Every dealership needs a plan to perform at its best. At The Showroom Guy Inc, we offer our Automotive Retail experience &  years of innovation to design Automotive Environments that are functional and welcoming. We look at how to enhance a dealership's operations, then create a flow plan that will help departments run smoothly and profitably.

With thoughtful facility planning, we take the vision of your dealership and provide you with the blueprint to make it happen. The auto dealerships we build in Canada and the U.S with our partners are designed to encourage sales, promote service and keep customers coming back.

Schedule and Budget Development

  • Review/prepare preliminary schedules and assist with the development of the sequencing of work in order to ensure that work commences as soon as practicable.
  • Identify long-lead delivery items and pre-ordering requirements.
  • Advise the Architect of any pending labour agreements or any other labour issue that may affect the project and schedule.
  • Develop a detailed critical path construction schedule for review and approval. The schedule will provide critical milestone dates for subcontract tendering & award, construction and other
    key considerations directly related to the construction process.
  • Monitor and update the construction schedule as required.
  • Develop the preliminary budget based on conceptual plans provided by the Architect and Consultants.
  • Attend design co-ordination meetings with the Architect and Consultants during the design development phase. Review designs and provide assistance to the Project Team to ensure that the work as designed meets the budget objectives
  • Monitor and update the budget as required. Prepare a preliminary cash flow based on the construction schedule and budget; monitor and update as required.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life.